The Manú Project

April 2016

In April of 2016 an independent group of filmmakers and photographers set out to tell the story of communities living in one of the most unique settings on the planet.

Untitled photo

Deep within Manú National Park lies a restricted area, closed to outsiders except by special permission of the indigenous inhabitants within and the Peruvian government. Over the course of thirty days the team would document the lives and perspectives of these communities. What we found was a diverse and multifaceted array of peoples, each with a unique take on their history, culture and relationship with an increasingly globalized world. 

A young boy gazes across the fire in one of Peru's most remote villages, deep in the Restricted Area of Manu National Park.

A summary of our journey appears as a feature article in The Outdoor Journal, and the short documentary The Trees Don't Talk Anymore premiered in May of 2017. See the trailer below, and check back for future screenings of the documentary.

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